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Domain Marketing with The Domain Network

Domain marketing is today’s modern day billboard. But, instead of just sitting idle on a lonely highway roadside, the current state of domain marketing is on the Internet. And not just the Internet at home or work. It’s following you on your mobile phone as well.

Your company domain(s) are your modern day billboard. Whether you like it or not, your domain name is an important part of your branding efforts. Your domain name goes on your letterhead, business card, printed materials; it must be spoken verbally over the phone, presented in email communications, and appears in the search results when your site ranks well on important keyword searches. Because of all this, your URL must be able to fit into your long-term branding strategy.

Choosing a name that is relevant and rich in keywords for your product or service will enhance your chances of being found in the search engines. But now Internet savvy companies are turning to using additional domain names to promote their products and services. Many major brands and their ad and marketing agencies are purchasing additional domains that are exact match keywords or search terms that consumers type in their browsers as a search query.

An example of a company using organic keyword domains to enrich their Domain Marketing network would be the search term- Student Loan. If clicked you’ll see you are directed to it’s owner’s site, Citi Bank, which advertizes information on their student loan programs.

Domain Marketing is becoming a lot more than just owning you primary domain name. Business’s that are looking forward are investing in an advanced key phrase strategy that includes plenty of generic keyword domains. So think of how your company or business could benefit by using advanced Domain Marketing, and these keywords and key phrase techniques.

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Feature, Why Domains?


Good News!

The Domain Network, owner of OrganicKeywordDomains.com, is pleased to announce a new approach and marketing direction. There appears to be a large void between domainers- people familiar with the internet, and non-domainers,- those unaware of the way the World Wide Web works and the value of marketing with relevant and recognizable domain names.

Those who are non-technical are by in-large, defensive when it comes to the internet. This is basic human nature. It is not uncommon to disparage what one is unfamiliar with. This is where TheDomainNetwork.com breaks new ground. The Domain Network is the bridge for finding information on emerging technologies, the Internet and the mobile and social web.

Look to The Domain Network as your go-to resource for news and ideas. Like how to attract a customer base with more than one website or social platform. Perhaps you own a local coffee shop, TheDomainNetwork.com will offer methods that will help increase business and your bottom line. If you’re a brand manager working for a large service company, The Domain Network will provide answers on how to increase awareness and leads. Plus we’ll show you what technology is working, why it works and how to keep it working.

So, check back often. Sign up for our RSS feed and jump in on our email list for updates and blog posts. Also, remember to visit OrganicKeywordDomains.com for some of the best ways to increase traffic and conversions to your website(s). The Domain Network- Where to GO when you need to KNOW!

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Shoppers were online, not at malls, last weekend

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Many U.S. consumers stayed away from malls and headed online to take care of their holiday shopping last weekend as a major snowstorm hit the East Coast, data released on Tuesday showed.

Why Domains?

Why Domains? –What a Good Domain Can do for You

Your business needs a website. In order to have a website, you must have a domain. This is pretty common sense for most people, but why should you buy domains, why should you use specific ones, and why should you consider multiple domains for your business? Glad you asked.

Most people will go anywhere that they find to get a domain name. This isn’t always effective, because many sites run on an auction basis—you’re required to bid on domain names, watch the auction closely, and risk losing it all to a higher bidder if you’re not careful. Your business isn’t a gamble, and you shouldn’t take a gamble on domains and domain names. Using a site like OrganicKeywordDomains.com will allow you to get the exact URL of your choice for a set price that is clearly listed on the page. No hidden agendas, no excess fees, no bidding and waiting, nothing is standing in your way of having the perfect domains.

What are you waiting for? Buy domains today and you can be on your way to internet success in no time at all! The great thing about Organic Keyword Domains is that you get them right away. There’s no waiting and no hassle involved in the process, allowing you to use the domains much faster and drive traffic to your business through a great website. Why use a website? This is a pretty common sense issue, but here are some things to remember:

-Websites offer a landing pad for your business. They let people come and learn about your company on their time, and in their own way.

-Even if your business is one that requires a physical presence, people can still learn about your products or services and your company so that they can feel more trusting and respectful of you. Earning these two things will give you customers for life.

-Why use your own purchased domains? It just makes more business sense for you to pay for and use your own domains than to let someone else run the show through hosted sites.

Another thing to check into is the use of additional domains with your main site. You can buy two or three domains and have them lead people to the same site, thereby having 2-3 times more traffic. More traffic equals more sales, and more sales equal more profits. Domains are a big part of your business online, and you have to understand how to use them and what they can do so that you make the most of your online business ventures.

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Domain Investing

Domain Investing- What You Should Know

Domain investing is a popular practice that many successful business people engage in. Much like real estate investing, the domain itself isn’t worth a lot as it stands. What makes it valuable is the traffic that it generates. If a home is in a good location, it is worth far more than one that is in a bad neighborhood. When you invest in domain names, you may have no way of knowing its true value and only the idea that it has the potential for great success because of where it is located. Therefore, you’re going to be investing in a potentially valuable piece of internet property and finding a way to increase traffic before you sell so that it becomes a more desirable piece of property to buyers.

Depending on the types of domains that you buy, you can earn instant income from domain investing. If you buy into domains that already have an existing business model and traffic stream, you will generate income simply from making the purchase. If you invest in domains that don’t exist, your profits will come from selling them to whoever wants them. Like property investing again, domain names can be purchased and parked for a while to see if traffic increases or the market changes to make them more valuable.

Unlike investing in real estate, most domain investing is done on a projected basis. Investors don’t focus on what is being done now, but on what can be done in the future with the domain, and the potential that it has for success. Once the value that the investor is looking for has been reached, the domains can be sold for profit. There are so many different uses of domains online, and while most people use them to park their website, you can become an investor instead. If you’re unsure of how the process works, just compare a real estate investor to a home owner. Then, you’ll see the differences and similarities between a domain investor and a website owner.

Each has their own purpose for buying domains, and while a website owner is looking for a place to put down roots online, an investor is looking for domains that can earn a profit as investments. Using the comparison to real estate investing, it’s not hard to see why domain investing works and how it can be a successful investment for anyone who does it properly.

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Domain News

Advantage of Using Additional Domain Names- Multiple URLs Increase Traffic and More

If you’ve got an online business, you likely already have a website set up, along with various marketing campaigns and backlinks to drive traffic to your site. This is proving to be effective for you, but what if you could do more? What if you could have double, or even triple the traffic to your business? Wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to create more success for yourself, especially if it’s a simple solution?

Now, you can. You can find domain names that are relevant to your business, buy them, and run multiple websites at once for your business. If you want, you can even set up your website so that all the domain names drive traffic to the same place. How great would that be for your business? The advantage of using additional domain names is that you get more traffic, more exposure, better visibility, and you don’t even have to run more than one website if you don’t want to. Imagine having twice the traffic that you used to have simply by linking another URL to your website. It’s simple, and with the variety of domain names available at OrganicKeywordDomains.com, you can do just that.

If used incorrectly, of course, this practice can hurt your business more than it helps. However, if you take the time to learn about correctly using multiple domains to drive traffic to your website, you can see great success in your business. Don’t you wish you would have known about this sooner? Had you known this a year ago (or whenever you set up your website), you could have been driving extra traffic all this time and making bigger profits and better sales. Take advantage of this now, and get your additional domain names today so that you can start reaping the rewards of this great traffic generation tool.

OrganicKeywordDomains.com focuses on offering you the best domain names that are most relevant to your business, with no bidding or auctions to deal with. You simply get the domains that you need at prices that are clearly stated, and then you can go on to create bigger and better profits for your business with ease. It’s simple, seamlessly integrated, and affordable as far as marketing strategies go. Remember, when it comes to business: the more you invest, the more you get back. With multiple domains, you can invest a little extra and generate 2, 3, or even 4 times the traffic for your business. What are you waiting for? Check out additional domain names for your business today!

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Search Engine Marketing

Inbound Marketing- Making the Most of Your Business

Inbound marketing is a relatively new concept. While many people are familiar with outbound marketing and its benefits, there is a whole new world of marketing out there to pursue. The inbound tools that you can use include a variety of things that became popular with the advent of Web 2.0. There are many tools that are used in this practice, most commonly:

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Free trials and tools
-Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
-Viral Video (YouTube, Google Video)

Using inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing will allow you to attract customers in a different way. You can offer them what they want or need at little to no charge, build a relationship with them, and then give them more of what they want or need. The ultimate goal here is to get them to agree to let you send them e-mails or actual mailings that give them information or special offers on the things that they’re interested in.

The goal of outbound marketing is sales and profits. The goal of inbound marketing is building relationships and developing a loyal following of customers and visitors who will tell their friends and family about your business. As more people talk about your business, more people become a part of your market, and give you increased potential revenue for your business. Now, you might be wondering why you should bother when the result is only possible revenue and not guaranteed. Here’s the answer (and it might surprise you):

People buy people. It’s simple. If you want your business to succeed, you have to develop relationships that allow people to trust and respect you as an expert in your industry and a worthy business to work with. People aren’t sold on hard sales pitches like they used to be. They want to work with business owners that they can trust and respect. If you use inbound marketing to create that trust and respect, your business will prosper for it. There are so many great tools that you can use out there on the internet to increase your business, but social interaction and marketing on a more personal level are sure to drive up your sales more than you might realize simply because people trust and respect you and the way that you do business. Keep this in mind when setting out on your next marketing campaign and you’ll find more success than you might have ever dreamed of.

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Advocacy groups urge FTC to bar Google-AdMob deal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two advocacy groups asked U.S. antitrust regulators on Monday to block Google's purchase of AdMob, a provider of advertising services for mobile phones, on antitrust grounds and to address privacy issues raised by the deal.


“Star Trek” the most-pirated film of 2009

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Paramount's worst fears are confirmed: "Star Trek" was the most pirated film of 2009, according to a new report.


Microsoft loses Word appeal, will adjust program

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday it will tweak its Word application to remove a feature judged to be a breach of patent, ensuring that it will be able to continue selling one of its most widely used programs.